113 Crickets

A journal of creative writing from Silicon Valley and beyond. Edited by Tobias Mayer

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Spring 2012:

Summer 2012:

Editor’s note:

113 Crickets is a new literary periodical based in Silicon Valley and published quarterly by Dymaxicon.

Dymaxicon is a genre-agnostic publishing company owned and operated by Agile Learning Labs. Through the publication of both technology-orientated books and works of fiction it strives to promote connections between the two fields. With the advent of agile practices, complexity science, and other modern, more human-centric ideas over the past ten years, many leading technology companies and start-ups alike have embraced a new approach to running businesses, one that treats work as a creative endeavor, and people as unique individuals, rather than components of a system. Such an approach lends itself naturally to craftsmanship and art, hence our effort to seek out and form connections between technology and the literary world.

113 Crickets will feature prose, poetry and short stories by new and upcoming writers, alongside extracts from Dymaxicon’s own literary publications, coupled with author interviews. In addition to this content 113 Crickets will embrace its Silicon Valley roots by seeking published writers from the Bay Area to participate in the project. We also plan to feature one published Bay Area writer in each issue, both to promote interest in the periodical and to weld the connection between the two worlds.

Tobias Mayer, founding editor, January 2012

About the Editor

Tobias Mayer has a background in software development, publishing, theatre arts, and community service work. For the past seven years he has worked as a change agent, trainer and facilitator, providing coaching and consulting services to teams and organizations wishing to make a transition to more agile, trustful and team-centered ways of working. An online essayist, Tobias authors the blog Agile Anarchy, where he frequently challenges the status quo, and offers ideas to inspire other practitioners in the organizational development field. 113 Crickets is a project he has been mulling over for a few years, and in working with Dymaxicon has found an innovative publisher who shares his ideas on partnership, craftsmanship and business democracy—an ideal environment for launching such a publication.


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