Part of Your World

Part of Your World

A novel by Gabrielle Chavela

$14.95 paperback (coming soon)
$5.99 kindle

Part of Your World is an absorbing thriller charged with the mystery of its home islands. Consistently exciting, highly readable, authentic and suspenseful, it proceeds on the pulses, and in its pages political combat is matched with struggles that are spiritual and psychological as well. An agent operating in a deadly world of drugs and violence is forced to put his young child at risk. It’s a story that will hold readers fast.

Robert Stone, author of Dog Soldiers, Children of Light and Fun With Problems

Eva is a woman as stealthy, as soothing, as beguiling as a warm breeze. It’s a good cover, assuming the invisibility of the wind, and one that allows her to slip in and out of the identities she needs to stay alive: nanny, hacker, college student…

But is it safety that Eva wants, or revenge? And what if they turn out to be the same thing?

Part of Your World is one of the most original and fascinating novels to come out of modern Haiti. Gabrielle Chavela spins a narrative that veers between enchantment and terror, a story that is fraught with political intrigue, tenderness and brutality, set in a world of personal and political violence. Eva’s story unfolds against the backdrop of recent events in an unnamed island nation where covert US operatives and military contractors decide who rules and who dies.

Bracing, sexy, frightening, cinematic and wise, Part of Your World will change the way you see the politics of island nations and the influence of the American military machine.


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